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Coca-Cola Singapore Supports Industry Pledge to Reduce Sugar Content
Aug 2017 - Coca-Cola recognizes that diabetes and obesity are very real issues that impacts individuals, families and communities around the world and in Singapore. We recognize that we have a shared responsibility to help Singaporeans reduce the sugar and calories they consume.

That’s why we’ve pledged our support and are one of the signatories of the Industry Pledge where together with the other top beverage manufacturers in Singapore, we commit to not have drinks with more than 12% sugar in our portfolio of sugar-sweetened beverages by 2020.

As well as signing up to the Industry Pledge, we’re proud to make the following additional commitments to support the wellbeing of Singaporeans:

  • We’ll reduce the total sugar content of our portfolio of sugar-sweetened beverages by 10 per cent by 2020
  • We’ll continue to offer more new drinks with low or no sugar added
  • We’ll make these low and no-sugar drinks easier to find in more places
  • We’ll explore and bring to market new sugar alternatives that help us keep the great tastes people love but with less sugar and fewer calories
  • We’ll provide smaller, more convenient packages, making it easier to control sugar
  • We’ll continue to put clear, easy-to-find calorie information right up front so you can make informed choices without the guesswork
  • Our advertising will always not target children under age 12 anywhere in the world



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